Frequently Asked Questions

Adding the bot:

Click this link and Invite the Bot to your Discord Server: Invite Link

Bot Setup:

Step 1 - Set Admin Role
Use command to assign a specific Discord Role if you want a group of users to access the Admin functions of the Bot.
Command: ;setconf adminRole add <AdminRoleName>
Example: ;setconf adminRole add officers

Step 2 - Setting Time Zone to match your Guild Zone
The list of time zones can be found here:
Command: ;setconf timezone <timezone>
Example: ;setconf timezone Europe/Paris

Step 3 - Set the Channel
Use this command to set the channel for the bot to announce events and welcome messages in.
Command: ;setconf announceChan <announcementChannel>
Example: ;setconf announceChan announcements


Setting an Event:
The Event Name cannot have spaces but the Event Message can. You can use the "@" to mention specific users or everyone/here as you see fit in the event message.
The date format is "dd/mm/yyyy", and the time uses the 24 hr format.
Command: ;event [create|view|delete] [eventName] [eventDay="dd/mm/yyyy"] [eventTime] [eventMessage]
Example: ;event create RANCOR_RAID_STARTING 17/08/2017 21:00 | P1 Opens | @everyone | P1 Hitters: @Reaper @SHOManiac | 24hr No Hit |